The Dreamers

SKU: TD-0001

The Dreamers is an evocative novel of the promise, expectation, and disappointment of contemporary Nigeria. This topical novel illuminates the descent from a period of immense oil wealth to a cataclysmal insolvency. The chaotic period, captured within the city of Lagos, is experienced through the eyes of a young engineer seeking to get his life back in track after a sudden financial misfortune.
His co-travellers through these tumultuous times are five other memorable characters: a sociopathic policeman with a dark and violent past; a disenchanted teenager with a cannabis-drenched philosophy; a British fun-seeker who sees a promise of gold beneath the dark confusion; a, desperate migrant from the strife-torn oilfields of the Niger Delta; and an eponymous drifter from the northern desert.
Lagos is the city of dreams, but for some their dream would end in a simple defeat, for some it would end in schizophrenia.

- 366 pages


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