Gathering the Words

SKU: GTW-0012

Through succinct anecdotes from the life of the author, Gathering the Words describes the various challenges faced by the typical African writer.

Opting for a primary career in Engineering, and considered a recluse and rebel in local literary circles, the author shows how he has diligently plowed snippets from his daily life experience into his literature. With a perennial disrespect for established literary norms and giants, the author would like many other people, consider self as most unlikely to succeed as a writer, but his tenacious adventure has produced more than twenty books, some of which have been published internationally and some of which have become reference publications for the use of schools and professionals.

In Gathering the Words, the author recollects the factors which initiated his passion for writing, which began before the age of thirteen and particularly the role played by the loss of his father when he was five. He explains through anecdotes and snapshots from history, how each of his books evolved.

- 388 pages

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